Kiln Firing

This Artful Life offers a firing service for your ceramic works.

  • We use a Woodrow Electric Hobby Fire Large kiln.
  • Check your work does not exceed the below measurements;
    • Internal kiln dimensions: 380 x 450 x 500 mm
    • Shelf size: 340 x 400 mm

Firing Service

All work is weighed prior to firing to calculate cost.

Contact us to discuss firing requirements prior to drop-off.

Bisque Firing
(first firing, unglazed)
$10 – per kilo
Gloss Firing
(second firing, glazed)
$13 – per kilo
Application of clear gloss coating$20 per 15 mins
Application of coloured gloss coatingcall for a quote
Repairs$10 – 20

Fast firing request –

If you need work fired in a hurry, contact Katrina below to make an inquiry.

Fast firing is $25 extra, on top of firing fees as outlined above.

Hiring of whole kiln –

$110  – contact Katrina below to make an inquiry.

Drop off

When – Anytime

Where – This Artful Life Studio (Cheltenham).

                Contact free trolley drop-off & collection point.

How – Make sure:

Your works are individually wrapped;

Your works are left in a named box with your mobile number (work will be returned in the same box);

Your name is on the underneath of all works.


When – One to two week turn around. We will contact you when firing is complete.

This depends on firing schedule and if extra drying out time is needed before a bisque.

                Contact free trolley drop-off & collection point.


Postage within Australia is available.

I will contact you after work is fired, packed and weighed, for you to pay. Once paid, work will be posted.

Please note: This is not an ideal choice due to the fragile nature of ceramics, so I recommend collection as a preference.


Brush on Underglaze kits are available upon request.

Primary colours plus black and white, so you can mix your own tints and tones and Secondary colours.

Red, yellow, blue, black & white.

Firing Terms and Conditions

This Artful Life takes all possible tender care with your precious works. However, if work has not been made or joined carefully it may not survive the firing process.

This Artful Life takes no responsibility if your work cracks or explodes during firing.

This Artful Life takes no responsibility for damage that occurs via Australia Post or other delivery services.